Thursday, 12 April 2012

Derby Guildhall entrance cast iron pillars made by The Phoenix Foundry Derby in 1842.

In the entrance to the Guildhall in Derby you will find some Cast Iron Pillars made by The Phoenix Foundry Derby in 1842.

See the pillars in my 360 degree VR Photographs.
I captured these 360° photographs in April 2012 :
Derby Guildhall Entrance, 360 degree view near entrance to Market Place.
Derby Guildhall Entrance, 360 degree view in the middle of the entrance.
External 360 degree views:
Derby Guildhall, 360 degree view from the rooftop during renovation in Feb 2008.
Derby Guildhall, 360 degree view from Derby Market Place.

Note: Adobe Flash version 9> and a broadband connection are required to view them.

The Guildhall we see standing on Derby Market Place today was built in 1842 and designed by architect Henry Duesbury. The ground floor of the building is actually from a previous Guildhall designed by architect Mathew Habershon, built in 1828. Habershon's building was destroyed by a fire on the night of the 21st October 1841. These cast iron pillars manufactured by the Phoenix Foundry were probably added to the design to help fireproof the new building. Looking at the horizontal beams that the pillars support I think they may also be cast iron, what do you think?

This draughty thoroughfare was for many years the sale pitch for Monk's Pikelets and Oatcakes. The entrance has distinctive wooden cobbles which have stood the test of time.

In the vaulted entrance to the Guildhall are twelve large cast iron pillars as you can see in my photograph below.
You have probably walked past these pillars many times and not really payed any attention to them, Until recently I did not realise they are cast iron pillars but I confirmed this fact with a magnet.
Supporting pillars Derby Guild Hall

On the support base of all twelve columns (painted red) you will notice that they are clearly marked PHŒNIX FOUNDRY DERBY as you can see in my photograph.
Phoenix Foundry Derby makers name, Derby Guild Hall

Map Location:
Click HERE to see the exact location of these pillars on my World Map of items made by the Phoenix Foundry Derby.

If you know of any items around the world that have the mark "Phoenix Foundry Derby" that I have not yet mapped out please get in touch with details.