Friday, 30 March 2012

Where was the Phoenix Foundry Derby located?

Here is a tiny section from an old map of 1899. I have marked the Phoenix Foundry site in red so you can see where it was located. I have marked the River Derwent and the Derby Canal Phoenix arm in blue.
Compare this with the modern map below.
The Phoenix Foundry was located on an island known as Canary Island due to it being surounded by canals.
The Phoenix arm of the Derby Canal has a lock on it called Phoenix Flood Lock which you can see marked as Lock on the right side.

Click the map to view a larger version. Phoenix Foundry area marked in red.

A modern map of the same area as seen by Google Satellite Mapping.
I have marked on the area that equates to the Foundry site in red.

View Phoenix Foundry Company Limited Derby. J Haywood in a larger map

Phoenix Street in Derby was named after the Phoenix Foundry, Here is a photograph I took in March 2012 of the orignal Cast Iron Street Sign still in place today.
Phoenix Street Sign, Derby

Here is a photograph I took in March 2012 from the Cathedral Green area of Derby.
Those new appartments you can see across the River Derwent have been built on the
site of the former Phoenix Foundry :
Site of Phoenix Foundry Derby.

If you know of any items around the world that have the mark "Phoenix Foundry Derby" that I have not yet mapped out please get in touch with details.


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